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Motherhood x2: How Raising Twins Built My Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success

If you’ve ever found yourself drowning in a sea of diapers, surviving on baby food pouches, or searching for that elusive other sock for a solid hour, then sit your gorgeous self down. I've got some serious truths to drop that'll rock your mom world and ignite your inner bad ass. 🚀

The Curveball That Changed It All...

Life was already a rollercoaster with one baby on board. So, imagine my face when I found out my well-planned second baby came with an unexpected bonus: a twin sister! 😳😵 Talk about a plot twist. My already cluttered life of learning how to be a first-time mama, while underwriting mortgages, moonlighting at the salon, and late-night Netflix binges went from chaotic to "hold my wine, let's get down and dirty." 🍷(Except, make it a mocktail because, #preggoperks). 🤰

24/7 On-the-Job Training

Motherhood and entrepreneurship have one major thing in common: there's no freaking manual, SIs. But throw in twins? Baby, you're not just reading the manual; you're writing it, revising it, and setting it on fire, only to start all over again.

Here's what being a #TwinMom taught me:


Remember those days when you could leisurely finish a cup of coffee? Me neither. 🤔 With twins, you learn to prioritize like a champ. You juggle naps, meals, and tantrums with the finesse of an air traffic controller. 👩‍✈️ That's pretty much entrepreneurship in a nutshell: prioritize or perish.


Oh, you need to feed two babies, pump, and answer a work email within 45 minutes? Game on. Twins teach you the art of maximizing every damn second. Those are the same skills that helped me scale my business from "Please let me make $250 this month" to "Holy sh*t, this is legit!" 🙌🏼


Let's be honest. No two days are the same with twins. One minute they're angels, the next they’re competing for the title of World's Loudest Crier. And just when you think you've got them figured out, they go and change it up on you again. 🥴 You adapt or you cry. In entrepreneurship, being able to pivot is not a luxury; it’s a requirement.

The 'Nap Time Hustle'

Juggling a mortgage career, salon nights, and raising three kids under two taught me something invaluable: seize the nap. Those blissful minutes (or if you're lucky, hours) when the kids are asleep? That's your time to hustle. Answer emails, draft proposals, or hell, take a shower. 🛀🏻

From Sippy Cups to Start Ups

The night before my twins were born, I signed a business partner while in labor. Yep, you read that right.

If you think giving birth is a reason to slow down, you’re in the wrong lane, honey. Every experience, even the messy and exhausting ones, can fuel your journey.

Your hardships are your badges of honor, your secret weapon. 🏅

Twinning in Business and Life

Twins are a tag team, and so are you. You’re the mom and the entrepreneur, each role making the other stronger.

Don’t look at your kids as barriers to your success; they are your reason. Use the lessons learned from those 2 a.m. feedings, the diaper explosions, and yes, even the public tantrums, as tools to build a legacy.

You can either complain about the chaos or embrace it and let it propel you forward. But I'm telling you, if you channel that twin-mom magic into your business, you won't just succeed; you'll dominate. 💥

So, ladies, here's the real talk. We all know motherhood throws you into the deep end with a sink-or-swim ultimatum. But lemme tell ya, that deep end is where we find the pearls of wisdom, the gems of resilience, and the badassy hustle that elevates our mompreneur game to a whole new level.

Don't wait for perfect conditions, because you and I both know that ain't happening with kids. Just do the damn thing! Remember, Your toughest moments are your most powerful teachers.

You've already got what it takes because you're sculpted by the unmatchable grind of motherhood. You've been trained by the toughest bosses (a.k.a. your little ones), and it's time to take those boss skills into the entrepreneurial world. 💪🏼

Now go out there and kill it, mamas! Because if you can handle sleep deprivation, tantrums, and trying to make dinner while doing a conference call, you can handle ANYTHING this entrepreneurial life throws your way. 🦄

And don't forget, if this mom of multiples can do it, so can you. Turn your mess into your message, and your tests into your testimony.

👑 Your empire is waiting for you to rule it. So what the hell are you waiting for?

Now go out there, and be the badass you were born to be! 💁🏼‍♀️

Your kids are watching. 👀

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