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The Badass Mompreneur's Ignition Call

15 Minutes to Ignite Your Revolution: From Overwhelm to Overdrive

  • 15 min
  • Free
  • Video Chat

Service Description

Ready to swap that mom guilt for mom greatness? Short on time but high on ambition? Welcome to The Badass Mompreneur's Revolution: Ignition Call. In this no-holds-barred, 15-minute power session, here's what we'll hit: - Revolutionize the Routine: Pinpoint your top roadblocks. - Craft Your Coup: Quick-fire, actionable steps to overthrow your overwhelm and seize control. - Ignite the Fire: Leave the call with one badass move to get your revolution roaring. This isn't just another call; it's the first step in your uprising against mediocrity and overwhelm. Whether you're a seasoned mompreneur or a mama just flirting with the idea of a hustle, this ignition call is your green light to badassery. Light that fuse and let's get this revolution started. Your empire won't build itself, but it sure as hell will start with this call.

Cancellation Policy

Ignition Call Cancellation Policy The Lowdown: The Rules: *24-Hour Grace: Cancel or reschedule your Ignition Call at least 24 hours in advance. No fuss, no muss. *Last-Minute Mayhem: If you cancel within 24 hours, that spot's gone—like socks in a dryer. No rescheduling for you. Sorry, not sorry. *No-Show, No-Go: Ghost us, and you forfeit any future free Ignition Calls. You wouldn't stand up a friend; don't stand us up. *Emergencies: Shit happens—flat tires, sick kiddos, the dog ate your phone. If it's a real, no-kidding emergency, shoot us an email. We're tough but fair. Email with "Ignition Call Cancellation," your name, and call time. We value your time like a prized Louboutin—so show up, and let's kick some serious ass together.

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